Jan 7-15 Start of Winter Schedule

ATP restarts Saturday January 7th @2:30-4pm; Tuesday 10th @4:30-6pm @ DPFH. Registration from the fall still applies. New registrations is still possible. Talk to Gary.

Wednesday 1/11 Kaizen 4-5:00pm @ Aux Gym

Thursday 1/12 Harborview Food Program 3:50-4:15pm Rm 232 (Start 2017 with a selfless act; small yet needed!)  Open Play 9-10:00pm @ DPFH

Friday 1/13 Fitness 3:45-4:30. Rm 232.

Saturday 1/14 No ATP .

We have a chance to work concessions at the following events. First and foremost we must have a parent supervise these. They and all the players that work these events share the profits (goes towards their spring player fees). These can be quite profitable. So parents e-mail Gary if you have an interest. The two events are: Jan 13-14 (4-9pm) and Gold Medal March 24th (All day).

Sunday 1/15 CCSL starts. We will have 2 teams and maybe three. You must register again and the cost is $70. More information coming. Stay tuned.

Notes: Thanks to Phillip and Ben for getting the presents to the family we helped for the holidays. Also Riccardo played a big role in this as well. Please turn in your remaining calendar money. Contact coach Lehnhart if you have questions, or we-mail jennifer.heidersdorf@juneauschools.org or erinm@gci.net. There will be an informational parent meeting in January so stay tuned for that.

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