Game Schedule

Here is the tentative 2023 schedule. It will probably change.


March 6 Season starts 

April 1 JD @ TMHS (V & JV)

April 17 JD v TM (V & JV)

April 20-22 JD @ Kenai Tournament

April 28-29 JD v KHI (V & JV)

May 3 JD @ Grace (V & JV)

May 4 JD @ Palmer (V & JV)

May 5 JD @ West (V & JV)

May 9 JD v TM (V & JV)

May 13 JD @ TM (V & JV)

May 19-20 KHI @ JD (V & JV)

May 25-27 State Tournament @Anchorage

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  1. Natalie Watson says:

    Hello, I coordinate the Girls on the Run and Boys Run teams for the elementary and middle schools. We have a question about when you use the Montessori turf field. Can you share with us the times that you might be using it? Thanks.

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