Alumni Giving

Frequently I run into many of you and enjoy hearing about what your up to and your interest in the current team. I appreciate how much pride you take in OUR program. We built it together! Recently I was talking with one of you and explaining the difficulty of the rising costs, the lack of district funding, shrinking player pool (JD is a little over 500 students) and the increasing number of players who can’t make the player fee without help. Together we came up with the idea of tapping into the hundreds of players who built this program and creating a “PAY IT FORWARD” campaign. I reached out to many of you to see what you thought of the idea and was overwhelmed with the positive reaction. So thank you for participating. Click on the button (PLAYpal) and play it forward.

Alumni Giving Update

We have had 32 donations so far. One included a parent who matched their kid’s. Now there’s an idea. Also, one of you donated a plane ticket for a player in need.

Thank you!