TRAIL MIX Summer Fundraiser

Dave Haas’ parent of 2002 grad Jake and former excellent Harborview PE teacher for some of you, is one of the coordinators for Trail Mix. Periodically he will be able to offer us opportunities to work repairing or building trails and raise money for 2019! Let me know if you are interested and I will put you on a “Trail Mix” group text for the summer and fall. When there are opportunities you can work as your available.

The first opportunity is sometime between June 13 (Wed) -16 (Sat) on the Treadwell Ditch between Dan Moeller and the Kowee Creek bridge. Sacks of gravel will be delivered by helicopter and need to be shoveled out. The best way to access the work site is from the Blueberry Hills parking lot and via mountain bike it takes about 10 minutes. It will be a half-a-day work session.

First, let me know if you want to be on the Trail Mix group text list and second if you are interested in this first opportunity. He needs at least two guys and I’m going to try and help as well. This is a worthwhile endeavor to give our time too and even better if we can ¬†earn some $ for our 2019 season.

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