Gold Medal Fundraiser 50-50

We have filled the parent chaperones. Our dates are Sunday 3/18 10am-12:30pm (Quigley supervisor; Kaelin, Roman, Carl D); 1-5pm (Wilshusen supervisor; Kaiden, Tad, Ben, Brysen); & 6-10pm (Stagg supervisor; Zach, Joel, Roman, Reilly); Monday 3/19 12:30-4:30pm (Sidmore supervisor; Peter, Alejandro, Jerry, Clem); & 6-10pm (Quigley supervisor; Kaelin, Jackson, Kanon, Will); and Tuesday 3/20 12:30-4:30pm (Marnon supervisor; Jake, Murphy, Ernie, Tulio) & 6-10pm (Degener supervisor; Tim, Roman, Joel, Tad). Friday I will put together a Gold Medal 50-50 instruction sheet and email to the parent supervisors.E-mail me with questions.

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50/50 Raffle Fundraiser

Way to rally boys and thank you to the parent volunteers.

Wednesday 5 & 7 (Ben, Brysen, Jerry, Alejandro & Kaiden w/ Lehnhart & Mitchels ) $255 earned

Thursday 5 & 7 (Ronan, Chae Hun, Jake, Jackson, Kanon, Peter & Dugan w/ Lehnhart & Dugan’s dad) $212 earned

Saturday 5 & 7 (Ernie, Tulio, Phillip & Peter w/ Phillip’s mom and Peter’s dad) $290.50 earned

We will recognize our winning team with licorice at our first open play in January.

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