March 18-24


Monday 3/18: 4:30pm Lehnhart’s House for a team gathering. We’ll have some group olympics, food and board games. Address 15975 Glacier Hwy. Park on the road and walk down the hill.

Tuesday 3/19: 5:30-7pm @ DPFH (Everyone)

Wednesday 3/20: 8:30-10pm @ DPFH (Everyone)

Thursday 3/21: 7:30-9pm @ DPFH (Everyone)

Friday 3/22: 4-6:00pm @ DPFH (Everyone)

Saturday 3/23: 2:30-4pm @ JD Turf (Everyone). Hat, gloves, sweats and water!

Keep at your ad sales! 

NOTE: 3/23 Gold Medal Fundraiser 1-10pm Concessions. This goes towards your player fees. Let Gary know if you are interested and we will divide the time up.

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